Pantai Kelingking Nusa Penida - Unique beach and steep cliffs - From the cliff you will see the view of Nusa Penida Kelingking Beach and the cliffs that spread to the sea called Coral Dawa / Paluang. For access to the beach you have to use the boat to get to the beach as there is no road access to get off. Kelingking Beach is under the cliff. Access to the cliff from this place does not exist because the track is quite steep. If you want to capture the beauty of the cliff dawa, can see from a height but still have to be careful because you have not found a barrier.

Tebing dawa also as a barrier between Paluang Beach on the left and Beach Kelingking on the right. During the journey to Kelingking Beach will be presented views of coconut forest and green hills in the vicinity. To enter the beach area Kelingking not free entrance fee. For those who are looking for a bike while visiting here, can park a rental motorcycle before walking to the lip tebing.Karena access point can not be accessed by using a motorcycle

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